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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Bristol Urbarail Station

Head to other stop northwest of the previous trophy to find this sitting on a table.

Botanical Gardens

Head inside the Gardens proper and ascend to the top floor. You'll find this beside a plant display.

Botanical Gardens

Head through the courtyard to the western side of the facility. You'll find another trophy among the shelves on the first floor.

Elliot Memorial Hospital

Check the southernmost corner of the facility to find a green symbol, and use the Batmobile's Forensic Scanner near it to trigger Riddler marks on the ground. Follow these to find a weak spot under an overpass, then shoot through it. Grapple into the hole to find a trophy.

Penitence Bridge

Underneath the Miagani Island side of the bridge is a Riddler puzzle. This one is tricky: you have to hit four switches in three seconds while two pressure pads are pressed. Start by using the Voice Synthesizer on the nearby Riddler bot, making him stand on one pad. Now apply Explosive Gel to the pair of switches wrapped around the nearby column. Stand on the second pressure pad, detonate the gels, and quickly hit the other two switches with Batarangs to free this hard-earned trophy.

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