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Bad Company 2 sells 2.3 million, fastest March seller ever?

Apparently 14 million copies of Modern Warfare 2 weren't enough to sate our violent FPS fetishes, as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has blasted through 2.3 million copies since its March 2 release. EA revealed the staggering sales in an email this morning, along with some tidy trivia about BC2's many accomplishments:

- 81 billion points have been earned in multiplayer

- 2.9 million hours spent playing in the last 24 hours alone

- Most users online at the same time was 230,000. Wonder what MAG's numbers are for the same, considering 256-player matches were the selling point.

Above: This game is on fire! (Alternate: They're really torching the competition!)

Then again, we're not necessarily surprised by this. Battlefield is a hugely popular franchise, DICE knows its audience and EA's marketing muscle all but guaranteed success. The interesting point is that EA claims it's the biggest March sellerin recorded historyfor North America and Europe. Details on videogame sales during the Cretaceous period are notoriously sketchy, and our ADD-addled brains can't be bothered to go through every March of the past several years, but offhand we recall that Resident Evil 5 was last year's big March release - and apparently pushed more than two million copies in three weeks.

Above:RE5 was no slouch, so this Race for March is quite close

Resident Evil 5 went on to sell five million copies worldwide, and with the newly released Gold Edition will only add to that total. Have to wait and see how well BC2 holds on to this momentum, or if it actually becomes the true best seller. Don't forget that March also housed God of War III, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Final Fantasy XIII, all of which could end up on top.

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