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Awesomenauts getting new character after first PC update

Awesomenauts just launched on Steam last week, and according to a press release they just sent over, they've been enjoying some fantastic success on the new platform (which echoes what we've heard about other console downloadable games like Orcs Must Die! and Mondey Night Combat.) Although they didn't specify exactly how much success they've been having. They also announced that they'll be releasing a new character soon named Gnaw, seen below.

The one glaring oversight so far however, is that Ronimo Games has yet to make even a single "Awesomegnawts" joke. I mean seriously, guys, who's in charge of puns over there? Because he/she is not doing their job. We're told the Gnaw update will be coming "very soon" and will be free of charge. Oh, and Awesomenauts is a cool game, and you should try it probably.