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Avengers: Endgame post-credits scene was never going to happen: "It was called 'Endgame' for a reason"

Post-credits scenes have been a huge staple in Marvel movies for the last decade or so, so when there wasn't an Avengers: Endgame post-credits scene you could say that some people were a little disappointed. I mean, there was an audible groan in our particular showing, so that's quite the mood. Well, technically there was something, just not the usual couple of minutes of footage pointing at what's next in the MCU. It was particularly frustrating due to the inevitable excitement of fans going into Marvel Phase 4 too. But, now director Joe Russo is saying that doing a post-credits scene for Endgame was "never" going to happen. 

"It was never in the cards," said Russo in an interview with USA Today. "It was called 'Endgame' for a reason. This is it. This is the ending. The book is closed on that chapter of the Marvel universe, and a new book will get written."

His brother and co-director Anthony Russo added that not having to steer into the next chapter of the MCU was a "great thrill". 

"This was the first Marvel movie we've done where we weren't thinking about the future," said Anthony Russo. "There's no future. There will be future, of course, but it's not our responsibility." 

That echoes the Russo brothers statements to us earlier this month that the duo are done with the MCU for the foreseeable future. 

"It's our Endgame, at least for now," confirmed Antony Russo in an interview with GamesRadar. "We don't have any plans for now to make any more Marvel movies."

"It certainly may come up in the future at some point. We have a wonderful working relationship with [Marvel Studios] and a great passion for what they're doing."

What a perfect way to bow gracefully out of the MCU. At least for now. 

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