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Atlus cuts PSN prices on its PSP range: half-price on Persona and more

Atlus has stumbled across a terribly clever pun involving the name of Sony's new handheld system, and sensibly decided to mark the occasion with a big sale of the PSP titles in its PlayStation Network back-catalog. Either that or the publisher's got a warehouse full of digital downloads somewhere that need to be cleared to make way for new Vita stock: either way, it's a good excuse for you to get some of the titles for less than half their previous price.

The PSP version of Persona 3 made it onto our list of the Best PSP Games, and the series has earned a place in the JRPG canon. Besides the PSP versions of these titles – all of them remade and optimized for Sony's portable – the company's also cut prices on titles like the Dept Heaven series, bite-sized RPG Hexyz Force, and truant beat-'em-up Kenka Bancho. This last, along with dungeon-crawler Class of Heroes, is cut from $39 to $15, marking the biggest savings of the sale. You can find all these titles on PSN now.