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Watch how to beat Sobek in Assassin's Creed Origins' Trials of the Gods

If you've been playing Assassin's Creed Origins since launch, unless you got far too distracted by photo mode, you're probably now at the cleaning up quests stage. I'm at the riding around Egypt on a flaming steed stage so it was probably a good thing that the Trial of the Gods arrived again yesterday to distract me from quipping 'ooh burn' every so often. 

Sobek, God of the Nile, army, military, fertility, AND crocodiles has arrived in Ancient Egypt via a glitch in the Animus and it turns out he's really angry about being stuck in the swamp up to his middle. If you already completed Anubis a couple of weeks ago, you know the drill but here are some tips and tricks in the above video for defeating the toothy furious God and the loot you’ll get for sending him back into the animus where he belongs. There's also a slight spoiler if you haven't finished the story but the video labels it and you can skip through. 

Just like Anubis, Origins suggests that you should be level 40 to beat Sobek so if you’re kicking around level 35 or 36 you’re going to want to climb a bit to stop one hit kills.  You can probably get through this at 38 like I did with  Anubis but I’m now level 40 and using the Conductor of Souls sword I got from the previous god. If you're just looking to get to Sobek, he’s over in the north east of the map in the middle of Herakleion Nome. Fast travel to the Yw Huts, tag up the event, (which is clearly labelled on the map) so you know where you’re going, and then head on over. 

For your trouble you’ll get 1000XP, 250 Drachmas and, most importantly the Was Scepter. This dropped at level 40 for me with a slight improvement on quality than my current weapon. It has 277 damage per second, and comes with health for critical hits which is a nice bonus. This time around there’s no separate gear set item so I assume once you get all four of the Anubis pieces of loot, you’ll get the full Anubis armour. Two down, two to go.

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