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Assassin's Creed Origin's first Trials of the Gods event is live, here's how it works

In terms of actual Egyptian mythology, you wouldn't want to kill Anubis. Who else would usher all those souls into the afterlife? But in terms of Assassin's Creed Origins, yeah, you're gonna want to kill Anubis. Ubisoft announced that the first Trials of the Gods event is live now until November 14; in exchange for resolving one very big, jackal-headed glitch in the Animus (that's how the game squares fighting mythological beasts with an otherwise historical-ish approach), you'll receive an exclusive piece of gear and a chance to earn even more loot later.

The location for the battle should be marked on your map. Its "suggested level" is 40, but you can still give it a shot before then (just prepare to die a lot). Once you reach the right spot, head into the huge beam of light to begin a battle that Ubisoft says will be larger in scale than anything elsewhere in the game. Bayek doesn't typically fight foes who are several stories tall so that sounds about right. 

If and when you triumph over each of the Trial of the Gods, you'll be rewarded with one exclusive piece of gear themed after that specific deity. You can fight them as many times as you like while the event is active, but you'll only ever get one reward for each. Players who collect all four godly weapons will also get an "exclusive legendary outfit". And yes, you will have at least one more chance to fight each god later on, in case you can't secure victory (or if you don't own the game yet) during the first round.

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