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Arcade cabinets that would make awesome real life vehicles

Garnet Hertz is the man. If you're not familiar with the University of California researcher (and why the hell would you be?), he's only gone and builta working go-kart madeout of an old Out Run cabinet. C'mon how cool is that? A machine you can go get the shopping in that you can alsoplay an old school racer when you're stuck in traffic. Not being ones to resist the urge to Photoshop the hell out of any concept, no matter how obscure, we thought this would be the ideal opportunity to mock-up fantasy vehicles built around awesome arcade games.

Above: That dude is so getting laid tonight

So if you've ever wondered what a fighter jet would look like if it had an After Burner cabinet grafted onto it or want to see an X-Wing made from an old Star Wars game (that's way too badass for George Lucas), have you ever come to the right place.