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Apex Legends season 5 limited-time mode Always Be Closing Evolved could hint at season 6 launch

(Image credit: Respawn)

Respawn has announced Apex Legends season 5's final limited-time mode, titled Always Be Closing Evolved. The new mode will be available from Tuesday, August 11 to Tuesday, August 18.

As you might've surmised, Always Be Closing Evolved takes the popular game mode introduced in January with the Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade event and adds a unique twist. The concept with Always Be Closing is that the ring around the map is constantly closing in on players, forcing them into close-quarters situations without a lot of time to camp. The kicker with Evolved is that you're now dropped into the map with a Mozambique shotgun and an Evo Shield, intensifying the breakneck pace of these matches even further.

As Respawn prepares to phase out Apex Legends season 5, we still don't have a concrete launch date for season 6, but the timing of Always Be Closing Evolved could be a hint. As GameSpot notes, season 4 transitioned to season 5 only after the limited-time Battle Armor event extended the season by a week. Similarly, Always Be Closing Evolved is extending Apex Legends season 5 to August 18. If it's any indication, Apex Legends season 6 could start the same day.

We don't yet know everything coming to Apex Legends in season 6, but the latest teaser suggests it'll have something to do with the massive crane on the southern side of Sorting Factory and a rocket thruster.

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