Apex Legends season 6 teasers continue with a crane and a rocket thruster

(Image credit: Respawn)

As we count down the remaining days of Apex Legends' fifth season, players have spotted a mysterious crane that's popped up on the World's Edge map.

The huge crane – which you can find on the southern side of Sorting Factory – was originally up in the air, but now its wares have been placed onto the ground, showcasing its contents. Coupled with the mystifying "future worksite" signs that popped up a short while ago, its certainly puzzled players looking for clues on what the game might hold in store for its upcoming season six. 

Here, take a peek (thanks, dotesports):

As yet there's no official confirmation on when season six will be available, but given prior Apex Legends seasons have run for around three months each, it's expected to go live later this month.

In related news, Respawn dev Jake Smullin recently addressed concerns that cross-play will detrimentally affect console fans by confirming that if you don't have a PC player in your team, you're less likely to be matched against competitor PC players

Rumour has it that Apex Legends' final limited-time mode (LTM) of Season 5 will be "Always Be Closing Evolved", a mode in which the ring will continually keep moving. A Redditor – who had successfully datamined information in the past – believes they've uncovered the description of the final TLM that says "keep on the move, the ring won't slow down and you need to rack up some damage. The ring never stops closing".

Since Apex Legends season 5 dropped we've seen a fair few changes across King's Canyon, but the recent nerfs and buffs have not had much impact on the Legends we most like to play. According to a recent analysis, Wraith sports an impressive usage rate of 27 per cent, making her significantly more popular than any other Legend, including Pathfinder and Lifeline, who are second and third favourite respectively.

Hey! Did you hear Apex Legends is coming to Switch later this year?

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