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Animal Crossing: New Horizons daredevils are scaring off wasps with party poppers

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Wasps can be some of the most difficult Animal Crossing: New Horizons bugs to deal with, but the player community has just brought a new form of anti-wasp defense measures out of R&D: party poppers.

Yes, the humble party popper can be turned into a weapon the likes of which your insectoid foes have never seen. Is it more practical than catching the wasps with a net, or just running and hiding inside your nearest neighbor's house? No, but it makes so much more of a statement. This Twitter video shows how it works - you don't need to read Korean to pick up the gameplay nuance.

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The trick is making sure you have your party popper equipped before you go to shake the tree, so you aren't fiddling with your inventory while the wasps are (potentially) swooping in at your face. Also make sure that you don't accidentally hit "A" before you're close enough to the tree to shake it, or else you'll prematurely pop your popper. Then you'll be in a real sorry state of affairs when the nest drops and you're standing there with absolutely no party favors to defend yourself, like a chump.

I should also tell you that the method is not foolproof. You've gotta be careful about when you fire off the popper, as my poor Villager is about to learn in the screenshot at the top of this article.

To get your hands on a party popper, you'll need to have the store open on your island. Fortunately, they only cost 100 bells a piece, so it's reasonable to always have a few on hand for unexpected celebrations or for warding off winged death.

In other insect news, make sure you fill out your museum and Critterpedia with our guide to the fish and bugs leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March.

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