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Actor behind Call of Duty's Ghost streams as Ghost now and no-one believes him

The actor behind Call of Duty's Ghost, has started streaming Call of Duty: Warzone as the iconic character - sometimes in full cosplay. 

Jeff Leach, who voiced Simon 'Ghost' Riley in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019, has started streaming Warzone on Facebook Gaming, ever since Ghost was added as a playable operator in Activision's latest foray into the battle royale scene. 

However, Leach isn't just streaming himself playing the game, he's regularly doing it in full Ghost cosplay, complete with Ghost's iconic skull mask, made from the exact mold scanned by developer Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare.

"It's funny, dropping in the Warzone in the full Ghost outfit and using the iconic voice and just having kids tell me that I'm doing a terrible impression of Ghost, that always makes me laugh," explains Leach in the first episode of Totally Game Season 2, which you can watch above.

"They don't believe it's me and there's no way to prove it to them. Until I drop 20 bodies in a heartbeat because I'm a pro. Ghost never misses."

Originally from London and now based in Los Angeles, Leach says that game streaming is currently his primary focus, and is now streaming six days a week live at, uploading five weekly highlight videos at

"I've found it to be a wonderful avenue for mental health advocacy. I'm not trying to be a therapist for anyone because I'm not educated in that," explains Leach, "But there is some therapy in watching someone that you admire talking openly about periods of their life where they might have been in the same situation as you."

Lately, he sought to build his ultimate Warzone squad in the game, bringing on players who'd signed up to Ghost's Cobra Squad (GCSQ) online. In a marathon stream, Leach and his team just missed out on the top spot as unfortunately all of Leach's squadmates were wiped out, leaving him to fend for himself. 

"As much of a laser beam as I think I am a Warzone, I, like any good soldier, know it takes an army to win a war," laughs Leach.

"Ghost is always looking for an elite squad when he drops hot in the AO (Area of Operation). But sometimes he realises the most elite squad he has is himself. He just has to rely on himself for that."

"However, I wouldn't have gotten that second place and taken all those kills and done all that damage and almost clutched a dub on my own against a four-squad if I hadn’t had had the emotional support of the rest of my team. So maybe they were elite, just in different ways than epic gameplay."

Catch Jeff’s live streams 6 days a week on, videos at and on insta/twitter @jeffleach 

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