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69 Most Immature Movies

Son Of The Mask (2005)

The Immature Movie: When a sequel comes out more than a decade after the original, alarm bells should be ringing in the head of the potential viewer. So it is with this godawful follow-up to The Mask , in which Jamie Kennedy makes an arse of himself for ninety minutes amid a wealth of half-baked fart jokes. Dismal viewing.

Crudest Moment: An Exorcist parody in which a baby’s head spins 360 before spewing green vomit all over the show. Dear oh dear…

Mental Age: 7. The rapping scene alone would be enough to drive anyone older to drink.

Knocked Up (2007)

The Immature Movie: Judd Apatow’s stoner rom-com shows what happens when a staggeringly immature drop-out is dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood by an unplanned pregnancy. The knob gags are plentiful, but this is really a film about the terror of having to grow up.

Crudest Moment: The touching moment when Katherine Heigl reveals her situation to Seth Rogen: “I’m pregnant…” “Fuck off!”

Mental Age: We’d like to say teenage, but this is worryingly accurate portrayal of twenty-thirtysomething angst. The scene in which Rogen and Paul Rudd trade Christopher Lloyd impressions (much to their girlfriends’ exasperation) sums it up perfectly.

Bruno (2009)

The Immature Movie: Bruno was always the least subtle of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G Show creations, and this feature length showcase doesn’t change that perception in the slightest, a slew of outrageous set-pieces making this a contender for Baron Cohen’s most offensive outing ever. No mean feat.

Crudest Moment:
Plenty to choose from as you might expect, but The Milli Vanilli rim-job scene is pushing it, even for SBC. It’s staggeringly crass!

Mental Age:
15. You’d have to go some to find a film with more dick-jokes…

Soul Plane (2004)

The Immature Movie: Look out everyone, it’s the “urban” Airplane! Only those two films should never really be mentioned in the same breath, since this Snoop Dogg-starring stinker is a veritable shambles from start to finish. Avoid it like the plague.

Crudest Moment: An uncontrollable bout of flatulence is brought on by a helping of beef stroganoff. Because farting is funny you see.

Mental Age:
Only an 8-year-old could enjoy gags like Snoop Dogg’s microphone check: “Testicles…1, 2. Testicles…1,2.” This actually happens.

Team America: World Police (2004)

The Immature Movie: Trey Parker and Matt Stone rip into American flag-beaters with this puppet-populated war satire. Happily, the crudity with which they made their name remains firmly in place…

Crudest Moment: Kim Jong Il’s mangled delivery of Lonely . You really shouldn’t laugh at this, and yet…

Mental Age: 17. Common-room anti-war sentiments collide head-on with a whole host of dick jokes!

The Waterboy (1998)

The Immature Movie: Adam Sandler swallows a tank of helium to squeak his way through this mildly irritating underdog story about a slow-witted waterboy who becomes the star-player of his local football team.

Crudest Moment: Inevitably, this goes to Rob Schneider’s cameo as a hip-thrusting lothario. “You can do it all…night..long!” he bellows. Pipe down mate.

Mental Age: 14, around the same mental-age as Sandler’s sheltered man-child.

Crank (2006)

The Immature Movie: Crank is less a movie than a teenage boy’s fantasy, stuffed to the brim with videogame violence, OTT swearing and Amy Smart participating in a vigorous sex scene. No wonder it was such a success!

Crudest Moment: It has to be the al fresco intercourse, although special mention should go to Statham’s “have I got ‘cunt’ written on my forehead?”

Mental Age:
16. It’s like one long session on Grand Theft Auto !

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

The Immature Movie: A bunch of middle-aged blokes meet up to regress for the weekend, only to get more than they bargained for when they wind up time-travelling to the ‘80s. So begins a parade of sexual shenanigans as the fellas enjoy a second crack at adolescence.

Crudest Moment: Pretty much any of Rob Corddry’s swear-tastic dialogue. “I wanna fuck something,” sticks in the memory…

Mental Age: 18. Our heroes find themselves back in the twilight years of adolescence, where thoughts never stray very far from the opposite sex…

Animal House (1978)

The Immature Movie: The last word in frat-boy humour, Animal House set the template for practically every gross-out movie to come, John Belushi gleefully conducting the chaos as the irrepressible Bluto.

Crudest Moment:
Belushi’s “I’m a zit” routine. Puerile in the extreme, and yet somewhat inspired at the same time!

Mental Age:
18. Away from home, away from rules and one of the pack for the first time. Chug! Chug! Chug!

Stand By Me (1986)

The Immature Movie: A glorious ode to the joys of childhood, Stand By Me is packed with juvenile humour (“how do you know if a Frenchman’s been in your backyard?”), childish musings (“what the hell is Goofy?”) and a stream of “your Mom”- based insults. It’s the definitive coming-of-age movie.

Crudest Moment: Gordie’s barf-splattered story about the pie-eating contest.

Mental Age: Set in the halcyon days of the last summer before high-school, Stand By Me appeals to the lost kid in all of us.

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