3 Days of Spider-Man 3 - Producer Interview

We got a chance to chat with Greg John, the producer at Treyarch in charge of making sure Spider-Man 3 turns out to be a winner. Here's what he had to say...

Can you tell us a bit more about how the black suit works in the game? Can you choose to wear it whenever you like to give your abilities an extra boost? How will using Spider-Man's black suit differ from controlling Venom in Ultimate Spider-Man?

John: We started developing the black-suited Spider-Man by making a solid, fun base with the red suit. Then we took everything and amped it up to make black-suited Spider-Man a unique experience. For example, he has a whole unique set of combat moves that are more intense and more powerful. The key to the black-suited Spider-Man is his rage - which allows you to unleash a whole new category of devastating attacks.

How will you be doing the web-slinging in the game? Will the PS3 controls use the tilt controls in any way? How are you looking to improve on the already great control system the previous games had?

John: Yes, the SixAxis controller is used for a very cool part of the game that I can't yet reveal. In general, we greatly improved the control system. We polished up the already great swing system, but we totally re-developed the new combat system to be more exciting, intense and intuitive.

The city in Spider-Man 2 is already huge. How big is New York compared to Spider-Man 2's version? It looks like you can now go under the city...

John: The Spider-Man 3 city is over 25% bigger than the Spider-Man 2 version, and it is a lot more detailed. With the new consoles we were able to make Manhattan look simply gorgeous. And, yes, we've introduced 10 miles of subways and 10 miles of sewers - in which some of the most exciting missions take place. The realism really enforces the player's sense of immersion into the life of Spider-Man.