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The 25 nastiest Decepticons in Transformers history

15. Blackout

The Decepticon: A sly baddie who comes with his own symbiotic Decepticon in the form of Scorponok, Blackout is fiercely loyal to Megatron.

He takes the form of an MH-53J Pave Low III helicopter, which means hes useful for air strikes--and hes not above taking down other Decepticons if it means preserving his own parts.

Nastiest Moment: One of the first ever Decepticons that we see in action in Bays Transformers, Blackout attacks a US military base in Qatar, benefiting greatly from the element of surprise.

14. Soundwave

The Decepticon: The Decepticons communication officer, Soundwave only appears in satellite mode during the first movie, though Dark Of The Moon gives him a Mercedes-Benz upgrade.

Super-intelligent and devious, hes Megatrons spy, keeping all the other Decepticons in check.

Nastiest Moment: Soundwaves more devious than all-out nasty, though kidnapping Sams parents in order to track him down (in Revenge Of The Fallen) was a pretty low blow.

13. The Fallen

The Decepticon: He sounds like a grungy rock outfit, but The Fallen is actually the Decepticons original alpha--hes so important that the second Transformers flick was named after him.

Hes a rare Transformer who doesnt actually transform in the film. His greatest power? Opening space bridges, which he plans to use to take over planet Earth. Also? Hes voiced by the one and only Tony Todd.

Nastiest Moment: Invading Earth, obviously. His plan to turn Earth into a new base for the Decepticons is up there with the grandest of grand evil schemes.

12. Sideways

The Decepticon: Without a doubt one of the coolest-looking Decepticons, mostly because he has a spiky collar that makes him look seriously badass, Sideways is a surveillance agent who takes the form of a silver Audi R8.

Despite his cool appearance, hes also a bit of a coward, preferring to let the big Decepticons fight most of the battles.

Nastiest Moment: The nastiest thing Sideways does is hide while letting the other Decepticons do all the heavy lifting. Hes discovered hiding in Shanghai by the Autobots and swiftly dealt with.

11. Rumble

The Decepticon: A smaller Decepticon who can turn into a cassette tape (ah, the 90s), Rumble dreams of becoming the leader of the Decepticons, but he doesnt really have the qualities that role would require.

For a start, hes tiny, so he isnt particularly good at fighting--even if he can create mini earthquakes by smashing his massive arms against the ground

Nastiest Moment: In Transformers: The Movie, its Rumble who destroys the Autobots communication capabilities before taking on the Transformers with a little help from Frenzy, Ratbat and Ravage.

10. Brawl

The Decepticon: This guys all about demolition, mostly because hes built like a brick shithouse.

A weapons specialist and all-round warrior, hes sort of a marine version of a Decepticon and lives for the battlefield. Hes eventually taken down by Bumblebee

Nastiest Moment: Brawl really shows what hes made of during the battle in Mission City, fighting tooth and nail (or nuts and bolts) against the Autobots. Even when hes damaged and half-destroyed, he keeps fighting. Thats how much he hates Autobots.

9. Ravage

The Decepticon: Sort of resembling a mini Dinobot crossed with a xenomorph, Ravage is the pet of Soundwave. His tail has a deadly claw and he has a single red eye (in a clear nod, surely, to HAL).

Nastiest Moment: Attempting to take down Sam in the battle in Egypt.

Sadly, Bumblebee comes to Sams rescue, smashing Ravage to pieces.

8. Scalpel

The Decepticon: Scalpel is also known as The Doctor, which is fitting, because hes pretty much the definition of a mad scientist.

With bulging eyes and barbed, insectoid limbs, he enjoys endlessly torturing his robotic victims.

Nastiest Moment: Scalpel is responsible for attempting to extract information directly from Sams brain by inserting a probe into his nostrils. Sadly, his demand to remove the entire brain goes unheeded when Sams rescued by the Autobots.

7. Lockdown

The Decepticon: Boasting a British accent (hes voiced by Mark Ryan) and the ability to transform into a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador, Lockdown is the main big bad in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

A bounty hunter by trade, his head turns into a gun

Nastiest Moment: We dont want to spoil it, but suffice to say he gives Optimus Prime a pummelling

6. Devastator

The Decepticon: One of the most powerful Decepticons ever, the Devastator of the comics is a composite of six Constructions.

That gives him huge power, but because hes composed of six different psyches, hes prone to raging tempers that normally result in total destruction.

Nastiest Moment: In the 2005 cartoon, Devastator destroys two Dinobots (Grimlock and Sludge). He even makes it look easy