Ubisoft delays 2008 shooters

Dec 12, 2007

Ubisoft has offloaded its weekly release schedule, revealing a handful of delays for its 2008 shooters Far Cry 2, Haze and Brothers in Arms.

As if we didn't know already, the French publisher has confirmed that Free Radical shooter Haze won't make it into the shops this year, and is now destined for release in "early 2008".

Meanwhile Far Cry 2 has seen a month delay, putting its release back to March - though from what little we've seen of it so far we'll be impressed if it even makes it out that early.

The really bad news is that Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway has been delayed again - though only on PlayStation 3. PS3 owners will now have to wait until March for the Gearbox shooter - one month later than Xbox 360 and PC gamers.

Isn't it about time Xbox 360 and PS3 games actually came out at the same time?

Courtesy of CVG.