Tyler tames the Hulk

He might be big, he might be green (that grey Hulk rumour’s been debunked) and he might have some pretty serious anger management issues, but The Incredible Hulk has just pick up a leading lady in the shape of Lord Of The Rings actress Liv Tyler. The studio now needs to convince him to put her back down again so they can resume production.

The redux of the Hulk will see Edward Norton replace Eric Bana by stepping into the CGI purple pants of Marvel’s olive skinned hero and Tyler slipping on the white lab coat of scientist Betty Ross.

The directing reins of The Incredible Hulk have been handed to Transporter helmer Louis Leterrier so it won’t come as a shock to hear that the project is promising to bring a lot more action to the table.

The main thread of the movie begins with an estranged relationship between Betty and Banner and how their paths re-intersect (well it’s hardly difficult to lose a 20ft gamma giant). The pair hot-tail it from the chasing military and angry insurance reps while trying to find a cure for Banner’s split personality.

Add to the mix more tank-tossing, building-hopping and a villain in the bulking form of The Abomination, a Banner/hulk doppelganger which exceeds even the Hulk’s strength, and it sounds like we might be getting ourselves pretty meaty movie.

The Incredible Hulk will be smashing into cinemas in 2008.