Twitch teases PS5 news and then reveals "everything is cake"

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Twitch's troll game was strong on Thursday, when it tricked people into thinking it'd gotten its hands on a PS5.

Late Thursday evening, about 30,000 viewers (myself included) watched anxiously as what appeared to be a real-life PS5 loomed in the background of a Twitch stream for the Chat's Choice Awards. Early in the stream, the hosts acknowledged the "elephant in the room" and said they'd talk about it later. Twitch's official Twitter account also joined in on the fun.

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A couple of hours into the stream, host Mari Takahashi went to grab the supposed PS5 and bring it in front of the camera - it was then that it became apparent we weren't actually looking at a PS5. Takahashi launched into a tangent about Ghost of Tsushima before grabbing a samurai sword and slicing into the prop, revealing a gooey, cakey, raspberry center. Within minutes, the Twitch stream lost about 10,000 viewers. Here's the moment we all collectively rolled our eyes.

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I'm not sure what we did to deserve this ruthless troll job, but hats off to Twitch for getting everyone's attention. Thankfully, it shouldn't be long before we get some actual PS5 news. A new report suggests Sony's next-gen console is launching November 13, which I'll remind you is only about two months from now. With major details like PS5 price and release date still unknown, the clock is ticking fast for Sony to make a move. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft had a rather blunt response to questions about the Xbox Series X price, with UK marketing lead Samuel Bateman writing, "we'll let you all know when we're ready."

Here are some exciting upcoming PS5 games that definitely aren't cake.

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