Twisted Metal PS5 game reportedly in the works at Destruction AllStars studio

Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal
(Image credit: Sony)

A new Twisted Metal game is reportedly in the works for PS5, with Destruction AllStars studio Lucid Games handling the revival. Furthermore, it's said to be launching in 2023 to coincide with the Twisted Metal TV series, which we learned about back in 2019.

According to VGC, PlayStation has tasked the Liverpool-based studio with developing the first new Twisted Metal game in more than 10 years, and the project is still early in development. One source reportedly told VGC that the new Twisted Metal will be based around a free-to-play model. 

The studio's most recent release, vehicular combat title Destruction AllStars, was originally doing to cost $69.99, but following widespread backlash, ultimately launched on PlayStation Plus, where it was free to subscribers for two months. In April, the game was launched digitally for $19.99, with physical release coming the next day. VGC's source says the last-minute switcharoo was part of the reason Twisted Metal is also being planned as a free-to-play game.

When we played Destruction AllStars for our hands-on preview earlier in the year, we had a good time but worried, perhaps rightfully, that it lacked the oomph it needed to keep players coming back long-term. "Destruction AllStars is fun, destructive, and an easy way to blow off a little steam, but without an injection of a little music and energy there's a good chance that it'll be left behind in the months to come," GamesRadar's Josh West wrote.

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