Twisted Metal PS3 release dates confirmed - along with a special treat

The new installment in the Sony-exclusive Twisted Metal series has been given official UK and US release dates. How does February 17 (UK) and 14 (US) sound? We are a little surprised, mind - David Jaffe's pet project was announced at E3 in 2010 as the big, Apple-style 'one more thing' closing announcement, before going rather quiet for ages. But it definitely hasn't been canned - it's actually mere weeks away. Woot!

Above: Multiplayer, arena-based, vehicular combat should be the perfect fit for PSN

We've got to admit we haven't been blown away by gameplay videos like the one below, as they have looked a little unexciting and last-gen at first glance. That said, Twisted Metal has always been a multiplayer favourite for Sony fans, and anything Jaffe does is worth our attention. He did, after all, direct a little game called God of War on PlayStation 2. Yep, thought you might have heard of it.

Long-term fans of the series are in for a special treat, as an unspecified number of early purchases will come with a code to download a copy of 2001's Twisted Metal: Black. It will be interesting to see if this is an HD version or an emulated PS2 game. We're still waiting for the PS2 library to hit PSN, Sony...

We'll have more on Twisted Metal in the very near future, just as soon as we get over our crippling coulrophobia.

Source: MCV

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