Twisted Metal coming to PS3 Valentine's Day

David Jaffe, the co-director of Twisted Metal, released a personal message today on the PlayStation blog. Framed by a bloody heart, he revealed that the official release date of Twisted Metal will be next Valentine's Day, Feb 14. Obviously, love and vehicular battle royales aren't a traditional pairing, but maybe developer Eat Sleep Play's unusual choice will pay off. Or maybe Jaffe has had one too many bad breakups?

Above: Because there's nothing we'd rather think about on V-Day than David Jaffe

Jaffe thanks fans for the “extra time” in his announcement, which is a reference to the original Oct release date being pushed back to “early 2012.” Feb being the second month of the year, we can say that he was right on with that prediction.

The last few seconds of the trailer contain a teaser of a new Dollface trailer (which Jaffe acknowledges is a ridiculous thing to have a teaser for). Expect to see the full trailer soon, unless it gets pushed back to President's Day.

Aug 25, 2011

Source: PlayStation Blog