TV REVIEW Chuck 1.12 "Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover"

Original US air date: 24/1/08

Written by: Phil Klemmer

Directed by: Fred Toye


The One Where: Casey’s old flame turns out to be a spy about to marry a Russian crime lord – but it’s all in the line of duty, of course.

Verdict: A surprisingly low key episode which squanders opportunities to have fun with Casey displaying a human side – it’s difficult to tell if the script or the flat direction is the main cause. A sub plot about Devon and Ellie falling out doesn’t ignite either until the final few minutes when Ellie fears she’s slept with Morgan in a drunken stupor. There are some amusing touches, and the fight provides a lively climax, but the Russian crime lords are a dull bunch, and Casey’s old flame simply doesn’t seem spunky enough to be up to his standards. This is Chuck on automatic. Still very watchable but not an episode you’d show to a newbie to convert them.

Shame: There’s no follow-up of the “new Intersect” cliff-hanger from the last episode (or in the next episode either).

Shame 2: Where’s Anna?

Did You Spot? All the references to Casablanca?

Fight! Fight! Chuck and Casey are tied back-to-back but still manage to take on the villains in style.

Geek Credentials: “It’s Alive!” shouts Chuck when Casey talks about his personal life for the first time, referencing the 1931 film version of Frankenstein.

Geek Credentials 2: Casey is a Neil Diamond fan. He mopes to “Love on the Rocks”.

Best Line:
Chuck (trying to calm Casey): "Just breathe, Casey, breathe. Or growl. Growling also works."

Dave Golder

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