TV goes Prada

There was a time when the ultimate accolade for a TV show was for the format to make the leap to the big screen. Now it seems that if you have a successful movie on your hands, a lucrative shift into TV land is a tempting move.

The latest film leaping into the unsure waters of network television is The Devil Wears Prada. Based on the Lauren Weisberger novel, David Frankel’s flick about a naïve young woman working for a ruthless fashion editor took a chunk from Superman’s box office returns in the US this summer. Now Fox TV Studios have nabbed the rights to make it into a TV show.

“I'm not looking to directly translate the movie into a TV show,” Fox TV president Angela Shapiro-Mathes told Variety. “The reason you loved the book and the reason you loved the movie was there were characters you really cared about in a world you wanted to learn more about."