Turns out there's a pattern to Pokemon Legends: Arceus space-time distortions

Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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A studious Pokemon Legends: Arceus player has identified when you're most likely to see space-time distortions, a new feature that spawns rare and exclusive items and Pokemon.

In case you haven't spotted one yet, space-time distortions basically make it more likely for you to come across rare items. In some cases they can even spawn Pokemon you won't find anywhere else. Once you've beaten the first main boss, the frenzied Kleavor, the game will start to notify you when a space-time distortion appears on the map. At first it'll look like a small translucent dome refracting light, and within five minutes, the dome will be fully formed and turn purple, at which point it'll start spawning special items and Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Here's what it looks like inside a space-time distortion (Image credit: Nintendo)

As Pokemon guru Serebii explains on their official website, the distortions spawn mostly at random, but an algorithm can help you track them down with a little more certainty. The game engine reportedly checks your game every five minutes that you stay in a given area and decides whether to spawn a distortion event based on how long you've been there.

According to Serebii, after the first 5 minutes you've spent in a single area your chances of experiencing a distortion event are 10% if you haven't completed the main story and 20% if you're in the post-game. After 10 minutes, the likelihood jumps to 30% no matter what your progress in the game is. After 15 minutes, there's a 50% chance you'll spot a distortion, and that figure jumps to 75% after 25 minutes in one area. If you idle in one spot for 40 minutes, you're guaranteed to witness a distortion, as long as you've beaten Kleavor that is.

A word of caution to those who haven't experienced a space-time distortion in Pokemon Arceus yet: they can be quite dangerous. Big, high-level enemies will often appear in groups nearby, so come prepared with your best Pokemon lineup. If you survive the onslaught, you'll probably emerge with a few new Pokemon and some rare items like shards and stones.

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