Turns out a massive story spoiler for God of War was secretly revealed at the very beginning

Earlier this week, God of War players begin an epic hunt to find the game's last, major Easter egg, after Creative Director Cory Barlog teased its existence at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

Upon learning that the secret lay within Kratos' own home, fans scoured every inch of the shack, finding new little tidbits and possible clues for whatever Santa Monica Studios was hinting at. Sadly, the wild goose chase ended with a bit of whimper, rather than a bang, as it turns out this Easter egg was just another portent - among many - for God of War's biggest twist. Major story spoilers for God of War below. 

It's yet to be confirmed by Santa Monica, but here's what appears to be the answer. In each corner of Kratos' home, you'll see a Norse rune etched into the wall. Together, when translated to English, they spell "Loki." Yep, turns out the answer to God of War's biggest secret was in our own home all this time. 

If you're unclear what I'm talking about, Loki is the real name and identity of Atreus, which is typically something you find out right at the end of God of War's campaign, but it looks like Santa Monica was willing to spoil it for the overly curious players right from the beginning. 

Why these runes are here is anyone's guess; perhaps this is the Nordic equivalent of a child measuring their growing height against the wall, though it can't have been done by Atreus, as he didn't know his name was Loki until God of War's conclusion. The most likely culprit, of course, is Faye, Kratos' deceased partner and Atreus' mother, who has a habit for predicting the future via various doodles scrawled across the world of Midgard. 

For those who have completed God of War, though, this reveal comes as a bit of a disappointment after all the time and effort spent hunting down the Easter egg, and many refuse to accept that this is the one Barlog was talking about at SDCC. For many, then, the hunt continues. It'll be interesting to see whether they discover anything new.  

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