A newly released God of War prequel comic holds the key to the game’s final, undiscovered Easter egg

Fans may have only just identified Guardians of the Galaxy's last, major Easter egg from a key scene in the movie, but Santa Monica Studios has kicked off the hunt for a brand new one, this time in God of War, its sublime action-RPG reboot that released on PlayStation 4 earlier this year. 

At San Diego Comic Con 2018, there were two God of War panels featuring members from Santa Monica's team talking about the game in detail, including Creative Director Cory Barlog. It was here where the studio revealed a prequel comic strip to God of War called 'The Hunt', which was one of the first things created before proper development on the game had started. 

According to a tweet from Senior Concept Artist Joe Kennedy, this comic strip is a huge clue to revealing God of War's final uncovered secret, which Barlog also alluded to during the panel itself, mentioning that the answer lies within Kratos' own home, which players find themselves in during several intervals in the main story.  

As you can imagine, God of War fans are already on the case, scouring every nook and cranny and sharing their findings in this revelatory Reddit thread. Though no one has yet uncovered the mystery, this renewed hunt has led to all sorts of interesting discoveries within the demi-god's humble abode, and the thread is already worth reading for those newly realised details alone. 

It's likely only a matter of time before someone comes across the Easter egg in question but, then again, it took almost four years before Guardians of the Galaxy's wild goose hunt came to a close, so who knows how long we could be trawling through Kratos' shack before Barlog's teased secret is found? Here's hoping the hunt will be worth it. 

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