Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Thor Thoughts
Is it any coincidence director DJ Caruso – who has expressed a yearning to direct a movie based on Marvel’s Thor – has inserted references to "Thor", "Loki" and "Valhalla" into his latest movie, the Shia LaBeouf-starring action flick Eagle Eye? Possibly not, according to Sci Fi Wire . Caruso also tells the site oe of his ideas about how he’d handle the Thor franchise: "It's something that has [piqued] my interest… I haven't seen the screenplay, and I know Marvel's thinking about it, so if it's a good screenplay and things work out, it'd be something I'd be interested in… The fear I'd have would be if Thor were immediately thrust into the modern-day world, because I think that's something that would have to sort of evolve over the series. But if it deals with Asgard and deals with what's happening up there – the brother-against-brother relationship and dealing in the world of the gods – I think that would be a more interesting movie to introduce Thor instead of throwing him down here in the real world."

Aronofsky’s Ark
Seems like art-house enfante terrible Darren Aronofsky is making a habit of picking films you’d never expect him to pick at the moment. After surprising the world by agreeing to helm a RoboCop reboot, it now appears he’s also aiming to bring Noah’s Ark to screen. "We have an amazing screenplay,” Aronofsky told /Film . “It’s a great script and it’s HUGE. We’re starting to feel out talent. And then we’ll probably try and set it up… It’s the end of the world and it’s the second most famous ship after the Titanic, so I’m not sure why any studio won’t want to make it. I think it’s really timely because it’s about environmental apocalypse which is the biggest theme, for me, right now for what’s going on on this planet. So I think it’s got these big, big themes that connect with us. Noah was the first environmentalist. He’s a really interesting character. Hopefully they’ll let me make it.”

He also has this to say about RoboCop: "I think it could be a lot of fun if we can get the script right. I’ve always had an interest in doing big movies, and not just doing independent films. And that’s why I’ve tried to get them going a lot. The whole thing with The Dark Knight was that through that whole process I was always trying to make The Fountain and because I was on the Fountain for six years, they moved on. But that was my main goal and when they offered the project to me I thought it was probably the smartest thing to do since this was before Requiem for a Dream had any fan base. I figured they’re never going to hire me to do something with the Fountain. I had to get them to perceive me as being a bigger director, so that’s why I agreed to write it."

Favreau on Avengers Problems
Iron Man director John Favreau tells Sci Fi Wire that he can see tonal problems with trying to get Marvel’s screen superheroes together in one Avengers movie: "For Avengers, you're not just dealing with tech; you're dealing with inter-dimensional portals and all the s**t that makes you jump the shark if you don't handle it right. We were very restrained with how we used our superhero-ism in our movie, and we did that by keeping it all tech-based. You get into Captain America and it's a guy frozen for decades. Okay, I could maybe buy that with the super soldier thing. And then you get into Thor and it's like, ‘Okay... ’ You know? How do you make that all feel of the same world that our movie does? And that's going to be the challenge moving forward.”

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