True Crime 2 confirmed!

True Crime developers Luxoflux have revealed that they are about to undertake a massive online survey about last year's LA-based game - which almost certainly confirms that they are currently in the early stages of development of a sequel to the driving/fighting/action hybrid.

Further evidence that a follow-up to last year's outing is in the works comes in the shape of an email sent out from Luxoflux which refers to the "the True Crime franchise". The email also says that the developers are particularly interested in hearing from PS2 gamers - which perhaps hints that the next incarnation in the series may be a single-format affair.

The company adds that it is "reaching out to True Crime players via an online survey in hopes of obtaining a more accurate picture of what worked in the game and what didn't... It is a rare chance to have a direct impact on the course of game development."

The huge 50-question survey covers everything from storyline to driving, fighting, the level of violence and even whether you would have preferred the character to "be able to kill pedestrians and cause mayhem without penalty". (Yes, obviously.)