Tron: Legacy trailer hits the net

As GR's resident Disneyphile, I had to weigh in on the Tron: Legacy trailer. To be honest, I was completely ready to hate the movie, but what can I say? The trailer totally did it for me.

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It hits all the right notes - light cycles, discs, Golden Boy Bridges and all - plus, that glitch-tastic closing score continues to haunt. So, what were my reservations? It has less to do with the bad taste left in all our mouths from the Star Wars prequels, and more to do with the recent incestual garbage Disney keeps remaking (Race to Witch Mountain can eat my ass!)

Oh yeah, I also happen to be a fan of the 2003 game Tron 2.0. Remember that game? I’d all but forgotten about it too, untilI wrote about it (opens in new tab)for ourWeek of Disney (opens in new tab).

Above: Sure, Tron 2.0 was a commercial failure... but so was Tron!

Monolith’s critically well-received PC game featured Bruce Boxleitner reprising his role as Alan Bradley andremained incredibly faithful to the original 1982 film, while updating the ENCOM mainframe with (then) current references to the internet, PDAs, etc.

Above: Lighter cycles

So it bugged me when Tron creator, Steven Lisberger claimed he didn’t consider 2.0 canonical. Really? Why is that? Because it contains the exact same premise, only this time it’s Flynn’s son jacking in instead of Alan’s? Or was it that the updated program was called Tron Legacy in the game and you couldn’t be bothered to think of another title seven years later?

Above: Seems they’re okay with referencing other Tron videogames

We all wanted another Tron movie, but I was just a little weary about Disney resurrecting it duringits current wave of cinematic desperation, althoughfar less so afterseeing the trailer. Yet, for a franchise that embraced gaming long before the rest of the world caught on, why exclude Tron 2.0, yo?! Obviously, the lack of acknowledgement will only piss off a minuscule portion of Legacy’s intended audience, but hey, why not make it up to us by releasing the game on XBLA/PSN?

Above: Oh yeah, congrats to Jeff Bridges for getting cast in the sequel! Talk about a career high

Mar 9, 2010