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Trials Fusion Hidden Squirrels location guide

Riders of the Rustlands DLC 

Squirrel #21: Junkyard Funk

Near the start of the track, the opening underneath this platform is the destination you're heading for.

Ride to the top of the next ramp, then stop and roll back down it.

Lean forwards, then as you reach the flat section by the checkpoint quickly lean back and bailout to launch yourself backwards.

If you get the timing right you'll land inside this container and find the squirrel, otherwise restart the checkpoint and try again.

Squirrel #22: Rags to Riches

After passing this jet of steam, ride up the ramp to the next checkpoint.

Once you've triggered the checkpoint, stop and roll back down the ramp you just ascended.

Lean forwards and accelerate to stop once you've passed the jet of steam, then ride up the ramp a second time.

Bailout from the ramp and launch yourself upwards to the wrecking ball, where the squirrel should appear to trigger an elaborate Miley Cyrus Easter egg.

Squirrel #23: Gone to Waste

Follow the track until you reach the checkpoint at the end of the series of jumps between pillars.

Instead of jumping to the building ahead, slow down and drop off the end of the ramp.

Either fall or bailout to reach the lower platform, restarting the checkpoint if necessary to get to it.

Wait for the container door to slide open, revealing a squirrel disco inside.

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