Transistor Test Challenge Room guide

Within the turmoil of Transistor's Cloudbank city is a bastion of solace, unceremoniously dubbed the Backdoor. It’s a tropical themed sanctuary where you can pet a digital pooch, mull over the state of the outside world and bat a giant beach ball about while listening to some sweet tunes.

It’s also a place where you run test scenarios in test challenge rooms, manipulating the Process to run through various stages of practice exercises for XP and achievements - hence the name.

Each test is limited in some way, either forcing you to use preset loadouts or severely limiting the number of functions available, so it’s worth checking out the functions section in our combat guide and familiarising yourself with them beforehand.

The combinations of presets will dictate the methods you’ll have to use to pass the tests, so you should have a pretty good idea of how the ensuing battle is supposed to play out as soon as the loadout is revealed and the enemies spawn in.

To help you pass the tests with flying colours, we’ve broken down each set of challenges and pored over the results to provide you with fool proof strategies for passing. It’s exam time and we are your crib sheet!

Table of Contents:

Shabana Arif
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