Transformers: Rise of the Beasts first reactions call it better than the Michael Bay films

Mirage in Transformers Rise of the Beasts
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The first reactions for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts are here – and people are absolutely loving it.

Based on the Beast Wars storyline, the new film follows a pair of human archaeologists – Noah, played by Anthony Ramos (In the Heights) and Elena, played by Dominique Fishback (Judas and the Black Messiah) - who stumble upon new three new iterations of the Transformers race: the Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons.

Steven Caple Jr. (Creed II) directs from a screenplay by Joby Harold, Darnell Metayer, Josh Peters, Erich Hoeber, and Jon Hoeber. The cast includes Luna Lauren Velez, Liza Koshy, Peter Dinklage, John DiMaggio, Pete Davidson, Cristo Fernandez, Ron Perlman, David Sobolov, Tongayi Chirisa, and Tobe Nwigwe.

"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is really fun. It’s actually quite funny and the action is strong. I did find my eyes glazing over when they’d talk about this movie’s special object (this series sure loves those) but way better than Bay’s movies if not quite Bumblebee level," said Eric Goldman of FANDOM.

"The new Transformers movie is pretty solid! LOVE the Brooklyn setting - Maximals & Scourge add a new spin & the action pops, especially the NY scenes. Mirage steals the show, but the true star is the absolute best soundtrack full of early ‘90s hip-hop hits. This ‘90s kid had fun," tweeted Fandango's Erik Davis.

"It was a blast! The Beast Wars crew finally shows up in what's arguably the BEST Transformers movie in the run. There's a lot of heart, humor, and Brooklyn pride in here; and it all makes for throwback popcorn fun," commented Mike Reyes from Cinemablend.

"Totally dug Transfomers: Rise of the Beasts," said Gizmodo's Germain Lussier. "It’s got some issues in the middle but it starts strong, has fantastic 90s hip hop, makes great use of the humans & the 3rd act is a blast. Plus I damn near jumped out of my seat at the end. Right up there with the 1st Bay & Bumblebee.

"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is a lot of fun! Anthony Ramos carries the movie and Pete Davidson steals every scene as Mirage. The ending blew my mind and the music in the film is [fire emoji]," said Joseph Deckelmeier of ScreenRant.

"ACTION GAMECHANGER! Optimus returns in an ambitious battle royale full of amazing set pieces that grab your gears & deliver full loads of entertainment. This isn’t just another movie, it’s the BEST Transformers film ever! A fitting setting up what’s next," raved The Atom Review.

"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts plays like the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon. Some dope Transformers action. Anthony Ramos & Pete Davidson are great, even if some of the dialogue is a little clunky. It’s a lean, fun movie and a promising start to something exciting," tweeted's Brandon Davis.

"It's a blast! Director Steven Caple Jr brought his style with 90s hip hop and heart while also pouring his love for the Transformers and Beast Wars. The biggest inspiration is the 80s animated movie. Mirage will be the new favorite Autobot," said John Nguyen of Nerd Reactor.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is set to hit theaters in the US and UK on June 9, 2023. For more, check out our list of upcoming movies in 2023 and beyond, or, skip right to the good stuff with our list of movie release dates.

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