Transformers MMORPG announced, but you might never play it

Since the last Transformers game, War for Cybertron, arrived and was tons of fun, we%26rsquo;ve been left with one question: aside from some WfC DLC, what%26rsquo;s next for the robots in disguise? Today, on the website for Netdragon, a China-based MMO developer, it was revealed (viaKotaku) that it just secured the rights from Hasbro to make a Transformers MMORPG.

Above: We want it to look like this

The only downside? Of the very few details revealed about the game, the one that jumps out at us is thatit%26rsquo;s apparently not coming to any predominantly English-speaking countries. Only Asia, Russia, North Africa and the Middle East will get a taste when the title is released at some unannounced time in the future.

Above: And we hope it will be at least this fun

Kind of a bummer, right? Still, it isn%26rsquo;t unheard of for foreign MMOs to come to us, and with a property as internationally popular as Transformers it seems even more likely. Perhaps this is just practice for a full-fledged release if all goes well. We%26rsquo;ll keep that hope out there, till all are one.

Aug 3, 2010

Henry Gilbert

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