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Right, which incarnation of the robots in disguise are you aware of? If it was a cartoon you fitted in between MASK and The A-Team, the original '80s Transformers - you might feel a little disorientated by this game, as it is based on Transformers Armada, the new cartoon series, which, rather than carrying on from the old series or film, has established its own legacy of cross-dressing mechs.

Now, for those who are not familiar with either, Transformers are huge alien robots that can 'transform' into other machines, usually some sort of vehicle. The good guys are the Autobots, of whom the part-time-truck Optimus Prime is the leader, and their purpose in life is to battle against the bad bots, the Decepticons, for control of a near-future earth.

The particular squabble the game focuses on is over a third faction of robots known as the Mini-Cons, and has our three playable Autobot heroes - Optimus Prime, Hotshot and Red Alert - battling against Starscream, Tidal Wave, Megatron, Omicron and the huge Decepticlone army. You couldn't make it up. Well, we couldn't.

Each Autobot has its own particular strengths, so you'll be able to swap between the three bots at any checkpoint during the game. But to be honest, once you've got your hands on Optimus Prime the other two seem a bit fey in comparison - he's got wheels on his trousers, a wicked voice and can turn into a truck! What more could you want from a giant toy?

The game is a combination of huge, amazing-looking environments, platforming robots and intergalactic mechanoid blasting, so it's surely destined to be one of the hits of the summer.

Tranformers will morph onto PS2 in May