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Trailer Trash Best of 2007

Dec 21, 2007

As we come to the end of one of the hottest years on record, join us for a look back at the game trailers that teased, prodded, and provoked us into a frenzy. Here, at year's end, let us look back at the many ways that trailers enrich our lives and be thankful for these precious moments we've shared. Amidst all the hype and hustle of an industry gone mad with profits, these are the trailers that truly stood out from the crowd. They're all here, the dizzying walkthroughs, the blood-soaked teasers, the earth-shaking revelations. They didn't politely ask for our attention, they grabbed ahold of it with razor-sharp talons and insisted that we glue our eyeballs unwaveringly to the screen until their message had been imprinted upon our retinas for all time.

Without further ado, the best trailers of 2007!

GTA IV "Things Will be Different"

No single trailer in 2007 caused as much rampant speculation or brought down as many webservers as GTA IV's first offering. Relive the wonder, the joy, the tantalizing hints of what next-gen GTA will be.

The second trailer, "Looking for That Special Someone," is also worth a mention as it delves a bit deeper into the plot.