Trailer Splash

First up – provided you haven’t eaten recently – is Slither. James Gunn’s story of a small town under attack by nefarious alien slugs has promised to get back to truly gruesome body horror, in the style of The Thing. So if you’ve been waiting for something that pushes the boundaries, this is it. And the producers have taken the smart step of releasing a “red band” trailer- which means it’s strictly for the over 18s. And you can see why, when Michael Rooker first makes his awful appearance as the local man slowly being taken over by the extraterrestrial infestation. You’ll squirm. You’ll cringe. You might want to prepare yourself. But Slither is looking like it’ll be a whole lot of horrific fun. Also starring Serenity’s Nathan Fillion. Click here for the trailer.

But if you’d prefer a lethal female warrior instead of a creeping alien menace, how about Milla Jovovich as a super-human vixen with a grudge against – well, based on this, pretty much everyone. Kurt Wimmer’s follow-up to Equilibrium posits a late 21st century world where a subculture of humans has emerged after government experiments tried to create super soldiers. These vampire-like “hemophages” have launched a civil war against their “pure” brethren, and caught in the middle is the infected Ultraviolet (Jovovich). And she’s pissed off. Click here to go watch her kick, punch and shoot everything in sight.

Slither creeps into cinemas on 31 March, and Ultraviolet attacks later this year.

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