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Trailer For Messages Deleted

Matthew Lillard fans, and lovers of movies based on telephone premises, rejoice, because the two are finally joined together in the latest film from writer Larry Cohen, Messages Deleted .

The plot follows Lillard's screenwriter Joel Brandt, who recieves a voicemail from a frightened young woman begging him to answer. Brandt deletes the message, dismissing it as a prank, and the young woman is found dead.

As the messages continue, so do the killings, and with Brandt the prime suspect, he must look into his own body of work to discover why he is being targeted by the killer before he becomes the fall guy.

Sounds peachy. Here's the trailer.

Messages Deleted also stars Deborah Kara Unger as the detective assigned to the case, and lots of other people trying to keep a straight face and pretend this isn't the worst titled film of the year.

No release date yet, but look out for it in January or Febuary next year.

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