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Top Gear

Going head to head with a Will Ferrell comedy doesn’t seem like the smartest move on the planet right now. Nonetheless, Catch Me If You Can producer Barry Kemp’s Bungalow 78 Productions have snapped up a circuit car comedy by TV scribblers Jason Jordan and Matthew Lawton.

The untitled tale follows the misfortunes of an outcast driver who has been dumped by his sponsor and is forced to hook up with the only person willing to back him - the head of a cosmetics company.

Fratpacker Ferrell is currently working on his racetrack tale which is expected in cinemas next year. Tentatively titled Talladega Nights, it centres on a battle between Ferrell’s American NASCAR hero Ricky Bobby and French formula one ace Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen).

Our money is on Ferrell and Co to take the chequered flag… Did we mention that Kemp also held the purse strings on Robin Williams DOA doctor comedy Patch Adams?