Tom Cruise in talks to lead The Mummy reboot

Universal are in talks with Hollywood legend Tom Cruise about starring in the reboot of The Mummy, as the studio move forward with relaunching their epic monster movies catalogue.

Variety claim that the 53-year-old will front the reimagining of the iconic horror flick, as Universal look to entice a whole new generation of horror fans into their midst. It's not thought that Cruise will produce, but he will reportedly be heavily involved in the creative process, as he so often is with his movies.

The first reboot of The Mummy saw Brendan Fraser assume the lead role in the 1999 so-so action adventure, but it's reputation really comes from the renowned 1932 original, which is regarded as horror royalty. This Cruise-led reboot already has more buzz about it, with the hands-on Mission: Impossible star ready to perform as many stunts as he can get away with.

The '99 remake did respectable figures at the box office, amassing almost half-a-billion dollars worldwide, spawning a sequel two years later called The Mummy Returns, which then saw a fresh-faced Dwayne Johnson lead spin-off franchise The Scorpion King. Directed by Alex Kurtzman and (possibly) starring Cruise, The Mummy will hit the UK and US on March 24 2017.

Mike Williams
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