Titanfall 2's open beta will be on PS4 and Xbox One for the next two weekends

There's been whispers of a Titanfall 2 beta for a while but now an 'open multiplayer technical test' has been officially confirmed for this weekend and next on PS4 and Xbox One. Starting on Friday 19, we'll be able to get hands on with two different multiplayer modes and two maps.

Bounty Hunt is a 5v5 mode that pits teams against each other and the Remnant Fleet, while Pilots vs Pilots is an 8v8 that will apparently put "combat and mobility skills to the ultimate test." The two maps on offer will be Boomtown and Homestead. The first of which is a secret underground IMC facility where pilots can use peaked roofs to use as cover, while Homestead is a natural landscape of rocks and a river for Pilots and Titans to battle it out. 

The last weekend in August will see an extra mode added called Amped Hardpoint. This is a 6v6 mode that's a new twist on Hardpoint Domination from the first game. It sees teams working together to capture and defend Hardpoints across the map and earn points but this new version means you'll get double points the longer you defend Hardpoint. Yep, I used the word point too many times but can't be helped.

An additional map called Forward Base Kodai will also be added for the last weekend. This has been revealed as an IMC substation taken over by militia forces, with plenty of hallways and chambers for Pilots to find safety from Titans, while Titans can take in the view from rooftops. You'll find the tech test on the PlayStation and Xbox One respective online stores from Friday 19.

If you can't wait for your Titanfall 2 fix, you can check out tonight's multiplayer gameplay from its Gamescom live stream. The full game will be out on October 28.

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