Tini Howard ends Marvel exclusive and makes her DC return this November

Tini Howard
Tini Howard (Image credit: Tini Howard)

One of Marvel's core X-writers Tini Howard is branching out, and making a return to DC Comics. The Excalibur and X-Corp writer will be writing a story in December 14's Batman: Urban Legends #10 anthology.

Batman: Urban Legends #10 variant cover (Image credit: Riccardo Federici (DC))

Howard is working with artist Christian Duce on a holiday-themed story (remember, this comes out in December!) featuring Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, and the Batgirls. This short will be Howard's second published DC work, after writing a back-up story in 2016's Shade the Changing Girl #3.

This new gig would signal that Howard's 'exclusive' contract with Marvel Comics announced in March 2019 has ended. But before you X-fans get worried, a recent conversation with Howard assured Newsarama she plans to continue work at Marvel and with Krakoa.

In addition to her work at Marvel and now DC, Howard will continue to co-write Vault Comics' Vampire: The Masquerade ongoing. She also created a magic system for the upcoming 3 Worlds, 3 Moons series that'll be serialized on Jonathan Hickman's Substack Pro feed. If that wasn't enough, there's more she has to be announced in the next few months hopefully.

Howard broke into comics in 2014 by winning Top Cow's annual Talent Hunt competition and has gone on to carve out a body of work both at Marvel Comics (Excalibur, X-Corp, Thanos, Death's Head, Strikeforce) and on the creator-owned front (Euthanauts, Assassinistas). The 2020 X-Men crossover event 'X of Swords' was largely organized by Howard and Hickman.

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