TikTok user goes for a drive after switching out steering wheel for a Mario Kart Wii wheel

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A TikTok user has thrown caution to the wind and gone for a drive after switching out their steering wheel for a Mario Kart Wii wheel.

As spotted by VG247, TikTok user Tyler Atkin, known as ttptng, is on a mission to replace parts of his Mazda with a bunch of Nintendo Wii accessories. Last month, the fearless individual posted a video on TikTok which showed him removing the vehicle's standard steering wheel and replacing it with a Mario Kart Wii wheel. We know what you're thinking. Did they actually attempt to drive it? Why yes, they did.


♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) - tuna (SVT HOT)

Another video by Atkin shows him taking the modified motor, which he's dubbed Wiiata, for a spin and miraculously manages to drive it around without incident. Despite his success, Atkin describes the experience as "horrendous", so it seems Nintendo's plastic steering wheel is best kept for racing around tracks on Mario Kart.


♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) - tuna (SVT HOT)

Not content with simply changing the steering wheel, Atkin has replaced other parts of his automobile with random Wii accessories. His other videos show a Wii nunchuck taking the place of the gearstick and a baseball bat modified to fit over the handbrake. The TikTok user's latest addition to Wiiata is an actual Wii, which slots in where the radio normally sits. The console isn't up and running yet, but given the ingenuity that Aitkin's demonstrated so far, it's surely only a matter of time.

In other Mario Kart news, the beloved Mario Kart 64 almost shipped with a "no item" mode as Nintendo wanted to attract F-Zero fans with "serious races".

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