Ti West involved in VHS horror project

VHS , a found footage horror made up of shorts from six different directors has been announced.

Ti West ( The House of the Devil ) and Adam Wingard ( A Horrible Way to Die ) are leading the project and are keen to keep details under wraps.

VHS is being described as “ The Shining meets Blair Witch Project. ” Which sounds pretty damn cool to us.

Brad Miska is keeping his cards close to his chest, but has tweeted that “It’s a new kind of found footage horror film from the perspective of several genre filmmakers we personally know and love.”

As well as Wingard and West being tied to the project, David Bruckner ( The Signal ), Joe Swanberg ( Silver Bullets ), Glenn McQuaid ( I Sell the Dead ) and Chad Villella have also signed up for it.

VHS is already in production and being financed by Hollywood management company The Collective.