ThunderCats, Flintstones, Power Puff Girls, and more come to Dynamite Entertainment in 2024

Thundercats #1 cover art by Drew Moss
(Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

Dynamite Entertainment is launching a new line of comics based on several animated series licensed from Warner Bros. Discovery, starting with a brand new ThunderCats title from writer Declan Shalvey, artist Drew Moss and letterer Jeff Eckleberry.

ThunderCats will launch in February, to be followed by comics based on properties such as The Flintstones, The Powerpuff Girls, Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, The Wizard of Oz, We Bare Bears, and more yet to be announced.

(Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

ThunderCats will be familiar to just about any '80s kids reading this, and most of the folks born in the '90s and '00s too, as a classic '80s cartoon show about anthropomorphic fantasy cat warriors with an accompanying toy line. The show (and toy line) were later rebooted in 2012 for just one season with a revamped story, though it seems the new Dynamite version will hew more closely to the original concept.

"With Lion-O at the center, following his journey toward becoming a worthy leader, the team will work together, combining their diverse talents, attitudes and learning about the magical power of the Eye of Thundera," reads Dynamite's description of the new ThunderCats title. 

"But will they be able to accomplish these goals and growth, with Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living's eyes set on them? With the franchise's trademark blend of action, drama, and touches of science fiction, fans will not want to miss this all-new approach."

(Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

Interestingly, ThunderCats, Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, and the Flintstones all recently had comics published by DC, which is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. Dynamite, which is now taking over the licenses, also publishes comics based on Disney animated series such as the newly announced Justice Ducks, which is based on the show Darkwing Duck.

This means that Dynamite now has licenses from both Disney and its biggest competitor, Warner Bros. Discovery - even though both of those corporations own their own comic publishers.

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