Darkwing Duck brings his own superhero team to comics in Justice Ducks #1

Justice Ducks #1
(Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

The current Darkwing Duck comic title from Dynamite Entertainment is coming to an end, but the city of St. Canard will still have protectors in the form of the Justice Ducks, the legendary superhero team that got its start back in the original Darkwing Duck animated series.

The Justice Ducks are the Disney Duck equivalent of the Justice League, and writer Roger Langridge and veteran Darkwing Duck artist Carlo Cid Lauro are bringing them to the page in their own title starting in December.

Here's how Dynamite describes the team:

"Gizmoduck is the tank, fitted with a suit of armor stacked with gadgets galore. Neptunia is a fierce and formidable fish-woman. Stegmutt is a duck-turned-dino possessing awe-inspiring strength. Many will know Morgana, a sorceress who didn't always get along perfectly with Mr. Mallard, and who fans got to see a bunch of in the concluding Darkwing series. Then of course the leader behind them all is Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps in the night."

The Justice Ducks series will launch with covers from Mirka Andolfo, Francesco Tomaselli, Trish Forstner, and one by writer Roger Langridge which pays homage to Kevin Maguire's classic 1987 cover of Justice League #1.

Here's a gallery of the covers along with some interior pages:

Justice Ducks #1

(Image credit: Dynamite Entertainment)

"I'm a lifelong fan of the Disney Ducks as written and drawn by Carl Barks, so that style of storytelling is very much in my veins," explains Langridge in the announcement. "I also have enormous fondness for the goofier end of superhero comics — 1960s Jimmy Olsen, Plastic Man, Metamorpho, Metal Men and so on. Tonally, these are the sort of notes I'd like to hit."

Justice Ducks #1 goes on sale in December. 

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