Three days long remembered?

This weekend a galaxy far, far away got a little bit closer when the Star Wars Celebration Europe came to the Excel Centre in London’s Docklands. For three days you couldn’t move for all the Jedi, stormtroopers and Hutts (okay, we lie – we only saw the one of those, but the lifesize Jabba was fairly impressive) milling around an exhibition hall large enough to mount an assault on a Death Star. But what did you think of the first Star Wars Celebration to take place outside the US?

How did you feel about being in the presence of Luke Skywalker (now going under the name of Mark Hamill, apparently)? And how long did you queue for an autograph? What did you think of Rick McCallum’s revelation that he and George Lucas are speaking to writers about the eagerly anticipated live-action Star Wars TV show? Did you see the awesome new footage of the Force Unleashed computer game (got to love that crashing Star Destroyer) or the trailer for the CG Clone Wars series? What was the best thing you saw? Who was the coolest person you spoke to? What were you disappointed about? What did Celebration Europe get wrong?

We want you to tell us all this and more about your Celebration Europe experiences. Not only will you get these burning issues off your chest, but you’ll also be in with a chance of seeing your words in the mag. Send your Celebration Europe flavoured thoughts to , under the subject header: “My Celebration Europe”. And don’t forget to send us your pictures!

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