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Thor! What Is It Good For?

"Insiders” reveal secrets of the new Marvel movie to website Latino Review

• The film takes place after The Incredible Hulk – a line of dialogue references the fact that SHIELD “vanished” a scientist who was working with gamma radiation

• Thor does give SHIELD a commitment that he'll help out if they give him the call

• Tonally, the film is similar to Iron Man : “Thor balances the same things as well. It plays the light side with the stuff on Earth and then the heavier side with what happens up in Asgard and the battle that occurs. Marvel has done a really good job of trying to blend what they need to have a successful movie and what they need to keep all the fan boys happy. They’re doing an excellent job.”

• The Thor costume is based on “the more recent Thor comics that are out now, the tone and the costuming is that.” (So we’re thinking the Ultimates look, then)

• The “insider” adds that director Branagh is amazing, star Chris Hemsworth, “looks like he came down off that Rainbow Bridge and was ready to rock” and that, “Everyone is going to be very, very happy. Nothing looks cheesy or cheap. Everything looks like it’s real. Everything looks like it came from that period. And everything looks right on all the actors. Nothing looks stupid. I guess that’s the best word. It's just jaw-dropping even to the Marvel executives.”

Meanwhile, actress Jaimie Alexander (of Kyle XY fame) who plays Sif, a warrior who fights alongside Thor, has told Interview Magazine , “I’ve trained with lots of sharp objects for this role… I will never be a waif, I want to market myself as a healthy-looking woman who is an action-star kind of girl.”