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Thor gets a second full length trailer


A second trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Thor adap has crash-landed on the interweb.

Overflowing with brand new material from the film, it gives us a proper look at the Earth-based interplay between Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Jane (Natalie Portman) and Darcy (Kat Dennings).

Portman in particular appears to have nailed the tone (check out the scene in which she's asked for her patient’s name), while Hemsworth definitely has the look and manner of a Scandinavian God down pat. He seems to have slamdunked the balance of humour and gravity.

Check out the new trailer below…

Though this is the most impressive look at Thor yet, there’s still that niggling concern that director Kenneth Branagh will struggle to ground those giant set pieces in a believable drama.

The Earth scenes are fun and look tonally apt (Thor’s newfound addiction to caffeine is a hoot). But while the CGI looks stunning, will it overload proceedings?

Similarly, those Frost Giants are awesome (they’ll probably make for an epic battle), but with Gods flying all over the place and The Destroyer also in the mix, is Thor just going to have too much going on?

Thor opens 27 April.

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