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This video makes us want to steal the Famicom car

If you haven't seen the Famicom-inspired Scion, get ready to have a total nergasm. If you have, well, you still gotta check out this video.

This car is real. Someone built it as an ode to the yesteryears of classic gaming. But it's not just a neat paint job with cool-looking seats. The entire thing was built as a gamer car from the ground up.

Take, for example, the fact that a special Famicom-type cartridge is used to start the car. Or the fact that the doors make coin and Mario mushroom sounds when they're opened and closed. Oh, and the car's headlights act as a video projector, so it can display movies and, of course, games.

Needless to say, we want one.

The Scion was on display at the Scion Installation in Culver City between mid-November and mid-December, but if you weren't one of the lucky ones who got to see what it feels like to play a game projected from a car's headlights, this video can at least give you a glimpse into what it might have been like.


Jan 4, 2011