This unused PT bathroom scene is pretty messed up


Just when I thought I'd been through enough therapy from the revelation that Lisa is constantly stalking you through PT's halls, another PT hack from the same source is here to prove that just like those haunted halls, the nightmares truly never end. YouTuber Lance McDonald is once again to thank for your sleepless nights, as their latest hack reveals that in an unused bathroom scene, Lisa can be seen decapitated in the bathtub.

Spoilers and disturbing imagery to come - you've been warned.

Just watching the YouTube video exploring this and other PT hacks is incredibly unnerving, even with McDonald's charming narration. At one point, McDonald does something that leaves Lisa standing in the middle of the hallway permanently before approaching and studying her up close far too long for my liking.

For the scene in question, McDonald was able to witness something that never actually made it to Kojima's Silent Hills "playable teaser." Normally, after the bathroom opens up at some point in your playthrough, you'll either see a tub with some water or an empty tub. But with some clever hackery by McDonald, you get Lisa's headless corpse in the tub, which is something no one should ever witness. And once you've seen it, you can't unsee it, so now you've been warned twice.

(Image credit: Lance McDonald)

I did warn you. As it turns out, the horrifying experience of wandering helplessly through PT could've been a whole lot worse. Depending on how you look at it, it's either a real shame or a blessing that we'll likely never be able to experience its entire breadth of horrors firsthand, but if McDonald keeps this up, we'll likely see more from the relative safety of YouTube.

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